About Apollo Grown

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In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and traditionally one of the most complex and important Gods. He was the God of music, truth, prophecy, healing, light, poetry, and creativity. Most importantly, it’s said that Apollo would ride Pegasus, the winged-horse, to the top of Mount Olympus every morning in order to bring the sun to the people.

The goal of Apollo Grown Inc. is to incorporate this energy into our practice of cultivating the highest quality recreational marijuana products that Oregon has to offer. Like the God Apollo, we strive to be leaders in our community and dedicate ourselves to help make the world a better place through our actions. This motto filters into each and every facet of our company.

Environmentally Sustainable Cannabis

Not only do we focus on producing the cleanest and healthiest marijuana products that we can, we also make sure that our process of achieving this goal is environmentally sustainable. Our flowers are grown organically, and our concentrates utilize the most innovative extraction technologies that exist. On top of that, our farm has been designed in order to utilize water and other finite resources as efficiently as possible.

Community Minded

Apollo Grown was created with one goal in mind: To provide our community with healthy marijuana products by utilizing environmentally sustainable practices. Like Apollo riding Pegasus to the top of Mount Olympus, we hope to serve as a leader in this emerging industry and to shed light on new innovations. Please join us on our quest!

Greek god Apollo holding marijuana leaf with gold columns

Our Growing Community