Our Oregon Cannabis Farm

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Our production facilities and concentrate processing labs are nestled in the Willamette Valley at the beautiful Apollo Cannabis Farm.

Eco-Friendly Marijuana Products

Our Oregon cannabis farm is completely self-sustainable. It has a functioning well, flowing streams, and healthy riparian areas. It has an arena for horses, a pen for pigs, and pond for a variety of wildlife. And our vegetable garden is 100% organic!

We utilize solar power to offset the carbon footprint that our indoor production facilities create, and we have rainwater collection systems in place in order to limit the impact our actions have on our natural waterways. Every sector of Apollo Grown is dedicated to being an example of how Oregonians can produce and process high-quality marijuana products that are healthy for the user and sustainable for the environment.

Apollo Grown Goat Pen on our Oregon Cannabis Farm

A Sustainable Oregon Cannabis Farm

Indoor Facilities

We are very proud to say that we built our indoor grow rooms ourselves using lumber processed from trees at Pegasus Farm. Using eco-friendly logging techniques, we harvested trees on our property in order to build our grow rooms. Using Gavita grow lights, our rooms are temperature controlled to cut down on mold and other potential hazards. We don’t use any pesticides on our plants and we only use organic fertilizers and nutrients. That is why our indoor flowers smell and taste amazing!

Apollo Grown Indoor Cannabis Grow Facilities on our Oregon Cannabis Farm

Outdoor Facilities

Growing marijuana outside is a delicate art. Luckily, Pegasus Cannabis Farm is located in the optimal geographical region for growing plants outdoors. Situated on the crest of the Willamette Valley, we are proud to say that our farm is the first licensed recreational marijuana production and processing facility ever allowed in Benton County. Some of our plants are grown completely outdoors, while others are grown in a greenhouse. Using the sun’s energy to grow healthy marijuana is something we take very seriously at Apollo Grown. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time refining our outdoor growing techniques in order to provide our community with the best marijuana Oregon has to offer!

We also have a state-of-the-art nursery that produces high quality clones and seed plants. We specialize in Kush, Cookie, and rich, fruity-flavored strains, but we also have a variety of other genetics available.

Apollo Grown Outdoor Cannabis Grow Facilities on our Oregon Cannabis Farm

Apollo Grown clones are carefully grown to deliver the best possible yield each harvest. Don’t have a mediocre grow this year! Get some Apollo Grown clones!

Processing Laboratories

Our team of chemists and engineers are always hard at work trying to figure out how we can improve our extraction methods. Our goal is to produce hash, oils, shatters, and crumbles that are healthy to smoke and easy to manage. We have always been frustrated with concentrates that are difficult to pack into a bowl or manipulate to do what you want with it. That is why we process concentrates that you can hold in your hand without sticking; you can break it apart as you’d like, and it still burns like oil. In other words, our concentrates melt in your bowl and not in your hand!

Apollo Grown Cannabis Lab Facilities on our Oregon Cannabis Farm