Research & Development

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Recreational marijuana is a rapidly evolving legal industry. Within that exciting environment, Apollo Grown Inc. is committed to providing consumers from around the world with the healthiest products available, while using the most innovative methods known to industry professionals.

Producing Clean and Safe Cannabis Products

Our skilled team members work tirelessly to develop new products and processes, while streamlining the manufacture of our existing products. Research & Development is a major component of the Apollo Grown approach, focused on clean, sustainable, and safe products and practices for our growing family of supporters. Today, few producers and processors utilize the technology that Apollo Grown uses to manufacture the flower, concentrates, and extracts we’ve all come to enjoy.

While we remain confident that anyone will love our products, we believe that there is always room for self-growth and improvement. We are always looking for ways to provide a better experience and to deliver exciting new services and products to our customers.

Our Expertise

Apollo Grown’s management and employees have degrees ranging from biomechanics, organic chemistry, water quality analysis, engineering, environmental resource management, urban planning, and botany. We believe that our love for natural products combined with our extensively diverse academic background gives us an edge over other companies in this industry.

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Our botanists work to ensure our flower is grown organically and sustainably, while our urban planners make sure our infrastructure is designed according to local codes and regulations.

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Environmental Resource Managers

Our environmental resource managers work to mitigate any impacts our processes have on water quality and other natural resources. And, we are committed to conducting public outreach to advocate industry awareness and education in our communities.

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Engineers & Chemists

Our engineers work to make sure we have the most efficient, innovative infrastructure in the industry, while our chemists work to make sure we are manufacturing the cleanest and healthiest extracts and concentrates available.

100% Organic

We strive to provide an unparalleled level of safety and quality in our products so that our customers can be confident that they are never exposed to harmful chemicals or carcinogens. The adventure of perfecting our products is what we love so much about this innovative industry. Therefore, we always make Research & Development a priority at Apollo Grown.